Cosmetic Medicine

What is Cosmetic Medicine

Cosmetic Medicine is the practice of non-surgical and minor surgical procedures that are designed to change the appearance of individuals by their effects on superficial tissues, thereby reversing the signs of ageing.

Cosmetic Medicine is commonly associated with treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections. Other treatments such as laser therapy and sclerotherapy are also extremely popular and are additional therapies that a cosmetic practitioner can offer.

Medical Similarities

The attractive aspect about Cosmetic Medicine is that you can use many of the skills you have learnt as an NHS doctor to practice in this field. Cosmetic Medicine attracts mainly dermatologists, plastic surgeons and GPs but anyone comfortable in the clinic scenario and proficient with invasive procedures or needling techniques should have the basic skills necessary to be successful.


This largely depends on how you choose to work and where you are working in the UK.
• You can hire treatment rooms to keep your overheads low – earnings vary from £50-200 per hour depending on type and number of treatments performed.
• You can work for a company on a sessional basis – again earnings will vary but expect £50-£100 per hour
• You can form your own business with your own clinic. This can be very lucrative if set up in the correct location.


The hours are flexible; you decide when you want to work.
To run a successful practice you would need to make yourself available at least once a month to allow for adequate follow up of your clients. Ideally you should be running two clinics a month for your practice to gather momentum.


The flexibility of cosmetic medicine means that you can practice cosmetic medicine around your normal NHS work or even take that big step into running your own business, which can be very rewarding.


Comfortable performing procedures
Entrepreneurial and know how to market your services
Confident and excellent at communication
Responsible, to follow up clients and deal with any complications that may arise
Self-driven to go it alone and keep up to date

Getting ahead

Cosmetic Medicine is incredibly competitive. To be successful you need to be prepared to invest in yourself so that you have the skills to offer what clients want and achieve good results. Diplomas and Masters in Cosmetic Medicine have now been developed and will soon become essential to become a big player in this field.

Further info

Check out for more information about how to get involved in cosmetic medicine and how to progress your career.

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