Leaving Medicine

Deciding to leave a career you have been working towards over many years is not easy. Reliable information about the options can be difficult to access. Sometimes you just need to meet the experts who have changed path and will help guide you through the process. Our Conference achieves this by putting delegates in direct contact with doctors and employers from several different fields. It has proven so successful that following every single Conference our sponsors have successfully appointed delegates.

Dr Elia Tziambazis describes his path from attending the Conference to successfully securing his chosen career.

Dr Elia Tziambazis – Junior Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

From a young age general surgery was my career of choice. However, as my time spent in the profession increased, so did my dissatisfaction. My own anxieties about standards of medical training and future employment prospects were mirrored by colleagues of all grades. Therefore, I began investigating alternative occupations with increasing vigour.

Conference to a New Career

I attended the Medical Success Conference “Off the Beaten Track” in 2007. There I met ex-medics who demonstrated that alternative employment was not only possible, but also fulfilling. In addition, being amongst such a large cohort of disenchanted practising medics finally convinced me to leave the profession..

I was fortunate to secure a post with The Boston Consultant Group and began in March 2008. Even though I had no previous experience in my current industry area I have been able to make the transition smoothly and have rapidly gained the necessary skills and knowledge to enable me to function effectively within the team. There is no doubt that the private sector recognises and values the inherent abilities of a medic more than the profession itself. My job is mentally stimulating, rewarding, and offers endless future possibilities.


I would encourage everybody to think seriously about their options before committing the rest of their professional life to medicine.

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