Management Consultancy

What does a Management Consultant do?

Their aim is to improve the performance of organizations that have hired them.

Medical Similarities

Like medicine there are consultants in different specialities with different expertise, therefore you are able to find your niche.
Problem solving methodology is similar. Essentially organisations have problems or symptoms which consultants need to analyse, with the aid of special investigations, and come up with a solution or management plan.


£35k – £75k+ *(National Salary Data from


~70 hrs/wk (junior level)


This is by no means an easy option. Work and hours can be tough, especially in the early years, but you are rewarded for it. Placements and projects may take you abroad for several weeks. May be a stepping stone to other corporate fields.


Academic ability
Consultants work in teams therefore team work is essential
Analytical skills are important with a sound basis in mathematics being helpful
Time management as well as the ability to multi task

Getting Ahead

Work experience

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