Medical Journalism

What does a medical journalism do?

There are many areas of medical journalism. Being a medical expert on TV or radio is at one end of the spectrum. Less glamorously one can be an advisor on medically based TV programmes, write articles for lay people in newspapers and magazines or write in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Medical Similarities

Writing articles for medical journals is part and parcel of being a doctor
Explaining medical jargon to lay people is part of our consultation skills


Variable, but generally low paid. £500 for a magazine article.


Dependent on individual. There is no well-trodden career path.


Many combine their interest in medical journalism with part time medical work. This keeps them up to date and provides financial support.


An eye for a good story
A strong desire to write or work in the media

Getting Ahead

Journalism qualification (but not essential)
Intensive fast-track courses

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