Medical Law

What is Medical Law?

Medical Law concerns the rights and duties of the medical profession and the rights of the patient. Three main areas are the law on confidentiality, negligence and other torts in relation to medical treatment and the criminal law in relation to medical practice and treatment.

There are also a range of issues concerning ethics and medical practice which are increasingly coming before the courts.

Medical Similarities

Very competitive especially applying for training contracts with big firms.
Long hours with plenty of study needed
Work in teams like hospital firms


£30-65k*, but a partner in a large firm up to £1million!


Early years and large firms expect long hours (6days/wk)


Can be hard work and competitive but highly rewarding


Enjoy book work
High academic performance
People skills

Getting Ahead

Work experience (1-2 wks)
Post grad certificate/Diploma/Masters in Medical Law
2 year fast track law degree or Common Professional Examination (CPE)

Further Info

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