Writing Your CV – Advice for Doctors on writing a non-Medical CV

There are a number of key differences between medical and non-medical CVs. We have pulled together a few tips to get you started.

Non medical CVs are concise; aim for two to three pages. |Focus on key information only: personal information (age is no longer necessary), education, work experience, skills etc.

Use a clear layout and use white space. Think about the order of your CV; focus on the what you believe to be the most important feature of your CV. CVs should be tailored for each job, so don’t blindly send one version of you CV to every job you apply for.

Do your research – the internet is littered with example CVs for a variety of roles. Don’t underestimate the importance of covering letters – they fill the role of personal statements and give you the chance to sell yourself.

CVs are for facts, covering letters are for self promotion.


Aim for two/three pages regardless of your background

Include relevant work references – they can be a valuable marketing tool.

List responsibilities then any achievements for each role.

List work experience in reverse chronological order with specific dates.

Highlight special projects or unusual work.

Use white paper with a clear conventional font (fancy fonts are hard to read and not always compatible with everyone’s computer)

Use a sans serif (i.e. Arial etc)

If you are emailing the CV make sure:


Lie! (Despite what you heard on The Apprentice!). Whether it’s about your knowledge or software experience it will become apparent sooner or later that you’re not the person you say you are

Use document holders; agencies and employers only want your CV on paper. Anything else is a waste of your time and money

Try and be funny – employers are looking for professionals

Use multicoloured paper or photographs

 Don’t be tempted to use a smaller font to fit the CV onto fewer pages

Use jargon or abbreviations – always assume that the reader of your CV knows nothing about your specialisations

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